The Other Side was Magnificent

Admittedly, I don't follow books-on-tape or plays-on-tape or movies-on-tape. But all the same, I just wanna say, I really, REALLY enjoyed listening to "The Other Side". I would buy a novel that it was based on. I would travel if that's what it takes to see an actual movie version at a film festival or whatever. I've listened to all...three??...of the episodes thus far (I'm impatient, I wait until the last episode airs before I listen to the first, I don't wanna wait....damn this Internet binge-watching age!!!!).

Just saying. I'd put that down for the best thus far. If Netflix or Amazon would make that as a miniseries (do they make miniseries, or just more-profitable until-it-doesn't-make-money-anymore-series?), I'd BUY IT. Even if it wasn't available to buy.

I've heard every episode of every thus-far-completed episode of the Black List. I enjoy it immensely. I hope it keeps with the more thoughtful stories, at least occasionally. Comedy is all well and good. But stories that actually say something about a part of the world most listeners might not be aware of...well...that's the kind of illumination I most look forward to. I listen to learn. Hopefully.

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Disclaimer: When I posted the above (like, a minute ago), I hadn't realized the fourth episode of "Chrome Noir" was up. I've been eagerly looking forward to it. Maybe I'll like it just as much, or more. It's steampunk-ish (I guess...?), it's noir, there's clearly something there for me.

Just sayin'. Each of the first four series has had something very interesting about it (an offbeat shock comedy, a Jane Austin-ish story, a Judd Apatow-ish modern domestic comedy, and my favorite, a serious look at a minority community living amongst strangers in America). Hopefully, Chrome Noir will fascinate. But, to this point, I haven't yet heard it. But now that the last episode has been put up, I'll hear it through come Monday. Oh so eagerly. :)

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